Internet & Technology Assistance

Consistent internet and computer access is necessary for success at Digital Academy of Florida (DAOF). Here are some resources eligible families can use to ensure their virtual student’s success.

Support From DAOF

Technology Access

Based on financial need and eligibility, DAOF may loan a computer system (including a computer and printer) to support the learning process. These computer systems are DAOF instructional property and must be returned when the student leaves the school. DAOF will arrange for technical support and troubleshooting for these computer systems.

Internet Stipends

In certain cases, based on financial need or other circumstances, DAOF may provide a stipend to offset the cost of the internet service. This determination will take place during the enrollment process.

Who is eligible?

Many families who qualify for free and reduced lunch programs also qualify for these assistance programs.

Student smiling to the camara, sitting on her table with her laptop image

Other Resources

If you are looking for an internet service provider with low monthly costs or discounts on laptops and computers, please use the tool above to find offers available in your area. You may still utilize this tool even if you already have an internet services provider to ensure that you are getting the best packages available to you.

Internet Assistance Programs

The following programs offer free or reduced-cost internet and hotspots to qualifying families.

Find Hotspots Near You

If you are looking for free Wi-Fi near you, please utilize the tool below to view a map of any potential hotspots close by.