How It Works

Online School versus Home School

Though online school and home school are similar in how they provide students with the flexibility to learn from home, there are some very major differences between the two. To understand these differences and decide which is best for you and your student, please view the chart below.

Online SchoolHome School
Our school submits attendance records, grades, progress, and any other required documentation to State Department of Education.DocumentationParents work directly with the local school district and the State Board of Education. Parents report grades, progress, and attendance, etc.
Free public education, with internationally Awarded Curriculum of Excellence. A virtual public school that can be accessed from anywhere with internet connection.CurriculumParents purchase a state approved curriculum or create a state approved curriculum.
Certified teachers provide synchronous (live) and asynchronous (recorded or written communication) instruction and support through a virtual classroom.TeachersParents teach all the courses directly. No certified teachers available.
Our school provides the family with most of the required materials, absolutely FREE!MaterialsParents purchase all books and other materials they feel they need, this can be costly.
Students log into the Online School 5 days each week, typically M-F and complete the school program according to the school schedule and calendar.ScheduleParents teach the approved curriculum on their own time, within the annual time frame allotted by the state.
Attendance is tracked every school day and truancy policies apply. Any absences the student may have must be reported to the school.AttendanceParents keep a portfolio of instructional hours or days of attendance each year.
Our school provides students with several opportunities to socialize through clubs and school-wide events, both virtual and in-person.SocializationParents find socialization opportunities available in their area, which may be limited.
Our families have access to our Learning Coach community where families share their experiences and connect with one another.CommunityParents seek out communities by themselves.
Our school has a team dedicated to helping our families find the resources they want and need from internet assistance to special programs.ResourcesParents look up any resources they may need as they need it.